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Your way to surgery

Here you can find out everything you need to know about surgery in our clinic.

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Outpatient presentation

You have the option of making an appointment at our university outpatient clinic. For this purpose, we require a referral slip from your established general practitioner or specialist.

Scheduling surgery appointments

In addition to our consultation hours, we also schedule appointments for surgery upon direct referral by your specialist (prescription form for hospital treatment "Verordnung von Krankenhausbehandlung"). Please contact our registration.


Operation, Preparation, Procedure

On the work day before your surgery appointment, please report to the central patient admission, first floor of the ward tower, Luisenstr. 64, between 7:15 and 10 am. On this day, all decisions and preparations necessary for surgery and anesthesia (e.g. ECG, information about anesthesia and surgery, blood sampling) will be made. Afterwards you can go home again.

On the day of the operation itself, please arrive at the pre-op center (access via the ward tower, 3rd level) at a previously appointed time.


Fasting before surgery

During general anesthesia, important reflexes are overridden by medication. To avoid complications, it is therefore necessary to arrive on an empty stomach before planned surgical procedures. This means that you must not have eaten or drunk for at least 6 hours before your operation. Exceptions are clear liquids (especially water, but no alcohol), which may still be taken up to two hours before the start of the procedure. Please adhere strictly to the times given to you. A too short fasting time can usually not be compensated by waiting due to organizational reasons, but will lead to the cancellation of your scheduled surgery.


Follow up after surgery

At the time of discharge, you will usually be given an outpatient follow-up appointment in our consultation hours .

Due to legal regulations on discharge management, the hospital providing care may only issue prescriptions for medication, remedies or sick certificates for a maximum period of seven days after discharge. According to the law, your general practitioner or specialist is responsible for any requirements beyond this period.

For an outpatient presentation more than two weeks after your operation, a valid referral slip is again required.