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CHARITÉ - Vocal hygiene basics

It does't take much to support your voice to support you during your daily vocal challenges. Here you may find some advice, which can be easily implentented as a daily routine to enhance your vocal presence and performance.

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DOs ...

  • drinking enough (preferably water)
  • maintain good air humidity in living and working spaces 
  • vocal rest after longer voice use 
  • soft vocal onsets 
  • huming and chewing while using your voice several times daily or singing 


  • extremely spicy, hot or cold food
  • spicy mints
  • throat clearing (preferably produce a silent /h/ as in "hello" and swallow subsequently
  • loud shouting oder screaming 
  • strained whispering (soft and relaxed whispering is not hurtful to the voice)
  • talking often in loud invironments (e.g. at parties, rock concerts, soccer games...)