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Malregulative Voice Disorder

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Origin and Cause

Do you feel that your vocal resources limit your everyday life both in the work place and at home? Can organic abnormalities on the vocal structures be excluded from being responsible for these restrictions? Then we speak of a malregulatory voice disorder, more commonly known as functional dysphonia.

Vocalization is a process through mind, body and spirit.  Expiration, Posture and vocal cord tension have to be in perfect harmony.  Similar to every person expressing thoughts through pen and paper differently, so is vocal expression. However, we have the resources to practice these things.


Treating a malregulatory voice disorder is most commonly performed by a speech therapist.  Part of the therapy is not only specifically strengthening the voice, but also improving awareness for breathing, posture and muscular eutony. The speech therapist guides you through the different excercises, which ideally should be practiced daily and individually over many months.

This form of voice therapy can be prescribed by almost any physician and is covered by public and private health insurance.